Soundscapes High on Life

Tasks to complete

Vibrations of fire

Gathered around the fireplace, you can hear peaceful crackling fire sounds. Try to record them.

Listening to croaky serenades

The sound of frogs is a loud and piercing call. Record that frog calling from your backyard.

A flock of Seagulls

As they fly, they make a sound that the natives and the fishermen call “mewing.” Go to your favorite beach and record the sound of seagulls.

Tasks completed

Language of a bird

Sit down on a sunny day somewhere where the birds singing are the only sounds. Record an interesting bird call.

Footsteps in crunchy leaves

A walk in the middle of a forest. Record the crunching of leaves.

Rain tapping on roofs

It creates a natural symphony when it hits leaves and roofs. It conjures up romantic imagery, like dancing in the rain. Record the soothing sound of rain.

Crickets Concerto in nature

They can be found everywhere in nature and you can hear them even from a few meters away. Record crickets singing.

The rhythm of waves

The sonic experience of water and ocean has been with us since primordial times. Record the waves breaking on the sand beach.

Strolling through the woods

The breath of the wind moves the branches, causing the shadows to shift and move. Record the breeze moving through the trees.

In the early mornings

The sun slowly rising and the chirping sounds of birds make a perfect start. Record the “dawn chorus.”

Life in flowing water

The soothing and relaxing sound of a rushing river. Record the sound of a flowing stream.